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Symbols of Gifu Prefecture

Prefectural Emblem 


The prefectural emblem derives from the Chinese character ‘Gi' used in the word for Gifu .
The circle, which surrounds the character, symbolizes peace and harmony.  It was selected from entries by Gifu residents.



Prefectural Logo

PrefecturalLogo The Gifu logo is formed in the shape of the letter ‘G' for Gifu.  It expands in a fan-like manner from dot to line, then line to plane, symbolizing the dynamic expansion and development of Gifu Prefecture. 


Prefectural Flower: The Chinese Milk Vetch (Renge or Genge)

Prefectural Flower,The Chinese Milk Vetch

The renge was chosen as Gifu's prefectural flower by the public in March 1954.
This flower represents the idyllic scenery of spring time.



 Prefectural Bird: The Ptarmigan (Raicho)

Prefectural Bird,The Snow Grouse

The raicho inhabits mountains in the Japan Alps at altitudes exceeding 2,400 meters above sea level. The color of its feathers is brown in summer, and turns white in winter. This bird is a nationally protected species.


Prefectural Tree: The Yew (Ichii)

Prefectural Tree,The Yew The ichii was used to make shaku, or ornamental scepters used as offerings to the emperor in ancient times. The name ichii stems from the title of Sho-Ichii, the highest rank bestowed by the emperor to shaku manufacturers.


Prefectural Fish: The Sweetfish (Ayu)

Prefectural Fish,The Sweetfish The ayu is widely appreciated for its beautiful appearance and sweet taste.
This fish is well-known all over the country along with ukai, cormorant fishing on the Nagara River.