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Consultation in Foreign Languages 

Triophone (three-way phone interpreting) is now available!

Triophone provides administrative information and interpreting for inquiries from foreign residents, through the use of three-way calling between the caller, administrative party and center consultant (who acts as an interpreter).

Consultation topic examples
・You have received a vehicle tax notification, but don't understand it.
・You need to pass on an urgent message to a school.
・You want to know about your city's social welfare system.

How to use

1.Phone 058-263-8066 (Triophone direct line) from a mobile or landline phone.
2.When the consultant answers the phone, please give the name of the prefectural or local authority office you wish to speak with, explain the nature of the call and hold.
3.The center's consultant will phone the party you wish to speak with and a three way call will take place.(Interpreting is free but call charges do apply.)
*Interpreting limit: 10 minutes

Call the Gifu International Center's triophone direct line: 058-263-8066

English interpreting is available weekdays 9:30am - 6:00pm (phone lines will be operating from 9:00)