Situation within the prefecture

Announcement status of warnings and advisories

Announcement status of weather warnings and advisories “Announcement status of weather warnings and advisories”
from the Japan Meteorological Agency website
* Relationship with the warning level
Heavy rain and floods

Special warning for heavy rain

Equivalent to warning level 5

Precautionary information about landslides

Equivalent to warning level 4

Warning for heavy rain and floods

Equivalent to warning level 3

Advisory for heavy rain and floods

Warning level 2
* About the warning level
Warning level Actions that should be taken by residents Evacuation information etc.
Warning level 5 Take the actions that would be the most optimal in protecting your life Information about disaster occurrences
Warning level 4 Evacuation of all people Evacuation order (emergency)
Evacuation advisory
Warning level 3 The elderly, disabled and infants along with their caregivers should evacuate, while other residents should prepare for evacuation Preparing for evacuation and having people such as the elderly begin to evacuate
Warning level 2 Prepare for evacuation and determine your own course of action by checking the hazard map etc. Advisory for floods
Advisory for heavy rain etc.
Warning level 1 Prepare yourself for the disaster Early advisory information