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front gate


National Historic Relic : The Takayama Local Agency of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Although there were 60 regional headquarters and sub-headquarters during the Edo period, the Takayama Jinya is the only one existing today.

In 1692, Shogun Tokugawa took direct rule over Hida, and for the next 176 years until the Meiji restoration, 25 generations were sent from Edo to work as Administrators, Accountants and Police in the Takayama Jinya.

The present main building was constructed in 1816, and consists of the Public Administration Office, Public Affairs Office, Grand Hall and Messengers Hall, all in their original condition. The Rice Storehouse that was used to store the Rice collected as a tax, was built in the 1600's, and is presently used as an exhibition space, displaying items from the time of direct rule, to the Meiji period. There are over 250 separate historical displays including documents, maps and artefacts.




Opening time

  March 1st to October 31st (except August)   AM 8:45 ~ PM 5:00

  August 1st to 31st   AM 8:45 ~ PM 6:00

  November 1st to February 28th   AM 8:45 ~ PM 4:30



  December 29th, 31st, January 1st 


Admission fee Individuals 420 yen   Groups 370 yen (Minimum 30)


For further information please contact the Takayama Jinya Management office :

 1-5 Hachiken-machi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture

 Tel : 0577-32-0643

 Fax : 0577-32-0612



Gifu Prefectural Government, 2-1-1 Yabuta-minami, Gifu-shi, 500-8570
Tel: 058-272-1111