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"Gifu:The Complete Travel Guide" is available here.

Gifu Crossroads
"Uncover - Rediscover - Experience Gifu"

Gifu Prefecture comes to life through the eyes and words of local foreign residents. We cover everything from traditional culture, to pristine nature, to local pubs and restaurants. Step on in and find out what's hot here in Gifu, the Heartland of Japan.

About the Mt. Ontake eruption

A new Resident Registration System for Foreign Residents



gifu international center
Gifu international Center

Discover Gifu
Gifu tour guide
Discover Gifu
(Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation)


Gateway to Gifu Product   

(Gifu Prefecture)


Multilingual Living Information
(Counsil of Local Authorities for International Relations)

Portal Site on Policies for Foreign Residents
(Cabinet Office, Government of Japan)


Gifu Prefectural Government, 2-1-1 Yabuta-minami, Gifu-shi, 500-8570
Tel: 058-272-1111